7 Dec, 2020

Challange yourself and win the future.

Arham om talsania a grade 2 student from Ahmadabad cleared Microsoft python programming language test. Om has cleared the Microsoft certification program and bagged the Guinness world record as the world's youngest computer programmer. Arham also scored 900 out of 1000 in the exam to be recognised as a Microsoft Technology.

Arham wishes to become a business entrepreneur in the future and create loads of video games and even robots. I love coding a lot," he tells us. The six-year-old is currently busy building his own video games — working on both 2D and 3D versions, a text-based game, all at the same time. He plans to release them pretty soon.This kid started learning coding since 3yrs from father.

How We Achive It Togather.

There are young coders from our own nation too who achieve more and there are going to be more coders only if we let them learn new things. Coding gives stunning benefits such as problem solving, creative thinking, analytical learning, creativity, and develops their leadership skills. As the future is completely going to be technology oriented it's important for us to make kids more efficient. Screen's aren't going anywhere so why don't we use them for our advantage and teach our kids real life tech skills straight up from their devices!

Why smart techJunior?

At smart tech junior , your kid has a previlege to learn their coding directly from the leading IT experts from top MNC companies. This face to face online coding class will make your kid a junior engineer direct as they sit with experienced IT experts...

Let’s Start Now.

Let's give our kids access to the resources they need to start enjoying guilt - free screen time TODAY!!


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