7 Dec, 2020

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Computer science is one of the main reasons why technology has developed this much and has become a part of our life in every aspect. The same way coding is omnipresent these days. Though it's widespread there are still many misconceptions and myths about it let's see about them in this article.

4 myths about coding for kids


Learning convoluted coding and jumping into the making of an experienced programmer takes time but if we start it early it's never too late. For few people it might take just 15 to 20min to make a program, meanwhile some may take days to just get it right and it is perfectly alright because every person has their own grasping potential and no one can ever force them to learn things fast. So it's all about a person's capacity and ability to learn things and the statement that " CODING TAKES MORE TIME " is false.

Let us not forget that systems are productive. Computer scientists across the world spend more time planning , debugging, and optimizing than writing it. For a software to keep up with upcoming technologies, all scripts has to be updated to go with people's needs. Adding new features and updates needs some time too.

For example:- Every time when we reboot our computer to install updates or new features, software developers enhance the former version to affix certain bugs found and add more features in order to strengthen the user experience. Paying more attention to the new features can make us understand what the system tries to do.


This is also a very false statement. Coding doesn't only take place in computer it can be done in many other mediums too. And that too in today's world with mobile phones, tablets etc it's very easy to learn coding. There are several coding which we can do without computers. For example:- printable scratch blocks. This can be used to practice coding anywhere. In this developing world we have more improvised version for learning coding like games, apps and toys.

Children can also practice it by writing. This might not be advantageous, but still in job interviews they would ask the applicant to write down the coding to see their actual ability to to think and act and also for showing common coding through proper procedures. Thus, its not necessary to have a computer to learn coding as it can be done through many other devices too.


Children should be really good at math is a misconception that has been around for several years now.
The actual concept is that coding involves logical thinking and logic isn't math. Rather math is a language of science expressed through logic. But mostly people think it the other way around.

Most of the programmer these days knows that coding is also a language very new and fun to learn just like solving math problems. Learning to code can help do better in math and vice versa. But that doesn't mean we let this misconception of " CODING IS MATH " persist so strongly.


This is one of the most common misconceptions that only children who are bright in studies can learn to code and this the most insane thing I had heard. Students logical thinking can start to incline when they learn to code. Like other subjects which children study in school coding is also language which anyone can learn and it is not for particular children. Logical thinking can be learnt by applying patterns. No student can become a perfect coder in a short period of time as learning takes times. Coding is also not for a particular age group as it is open for any category of students who can do wow with this. From tiny toys to adults anyone can learn coding. We provide many courses with vast languages and programming concepts. This is inclusive of courses in Python, which gives students enjoyable projects to learn coding fundamentals and builds knowledge. Java courses also teaches introductory programming fundamentals, as well as concepts in object-oriented programming. We also have Web development courses which allows students to create their own webpages while teaching HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Every language has it's own significance the same way coding also has it's own significance. So let's let our children grow and become magnificent.

“Computer Science Empowers Students to Create the World of Tomorrow.”

—Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

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