7 Dec, 2020

Challange yourself and win the future.

The life of millennials is different from the present-day kids. We millennials started experiencing the latest technologies and began to code with complete understanding, only in the later stage of life. But kids these days are exposed to various technologies at a younger age, much more than what we experienced when we were kids ourselves.

It is equally noticeable to see that they are smarter than we in understanding and handling the latest technologies. Childhood is the period during which the brain of a child is fresh for learning many new things and languages. It is the right time to introduce our kids to programming languages and coding through some easier games and tasks of their level.

The playground for geeky kids!

Smart Tech JR is one such app that introduces kids to the world of coding. Although the term coding sounds anxious, this program is not going to make your children go exhausted. On the contrary, this is the program where your kid starts experiencing that learning is fun. Yeah! Smart Tech JR intends to teach kids to code through simple steps that would ignite their logical and algorithmic thinking.

Now a question arises in you that why my kid should start to learn coding at this age. Coding is aimed not merely to develop some useful apps, but there are several other beneficial outcomes.

• Coding teaches children how to think. Coding is not always about typing lines of code but teaches them how to think differently and logically, making them think of easier ways to approach a problem.

• Learning the basics of coding will teach them to solve a problem from a new perspective patiently with better focusing power.

• Is your kid afraid of Math? If yes, then coding comes to your rescue. As coding is the language of math, children can develop their math skills with ease, even without realizing it. Coding kindles their logical thinking and understanding of a problem, making them think of efficient ways to approach a problem and helps them develop pliability.

• While trying to solve a problem, how bigger it may be, they know how to break a larger problem into smaller parts to solve it effectively.

• When children learn to code, it makes them see failure as a new prospect, psychologically, adapting themselves to rise during every fall. This will let them learn from their own mistakes.

• Coding will improvise kids with a high level of communication, creativity, math, and confidence.

Introducing your kids to coding at a younger age may help them think of better ideas for developing useful sophisticated applications in the future. Hence, if you want your children to learn something that is both entertaining and educational, the Smart Tech Jr coding platform comes in handy. So, enroll your child in this program and feel proud to see them solve the programming problems with full of beans. If any teenage kid can prove to be a prodigy in inventing apps just like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, who knows that one day your own kid may turn out to be one such star shortly!

Why smart techJunior?

At smart tech junior , your kid has a previlege to learn their coding directly from the leading IT experts from top MNC companies. This face to face online coding class will make your kid a junior engineer direct as they sit with experienced IT experts...

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